Friday, July 28, 2006

Less heat, please.

I know the incredible heat has been the topic of blog-land for the last couple of weeks. Isn't it odd that it seems as though no matter where each knitter hails from, they are experiencing a heat wave? Could it be that we just find heat more insufferable because it interferes with our craft?

It's not interfering with mine. Much. Here's the tank so far:


The stitches do stick to the needles sometimes, which annoys me to no end, but I soldier on. The hardest part of this tank is its slow growth. That's stockinette striped with reverse stockinette. I'm not winning any races. But the finished product is so cute, I just look at the cheery photo in the magazine when I need a lift. (It's the first and third photo.) The sunlight did the color of this yarn no favors. It's actually a pale green, kinda minty, kinda sage-y. I don't usually wear or knit with green, but I find myself being more drawn to it lately.

I haven't cast on for the second Jaywalker yet, because the cotton tank is so much more brainless. My plan is to at least get the cuff (the part I like least) done this weekend. I can't wait to wear these projects!


Pioggia said...

I don't mind reverse stockinette... except when knitting in the round. Ugh. I hope you stay cool

amy said...

Reverse stockinette drives me nuts too, but I like the way the tank is turning out!

Becky said...

I love how that looks. The pretty purly look of garter stitch but not as wide and longer. Lurve it, lurve it.