Friday, July 14, 2006

C'est finit!

So, I decided that simple really was best and just did a single crochet all the way around the afghan. It was my first time crocheting!


The blanket is Mrs. Cooper approved. She is visible in the lower left corner of the photo. From the second that I draped the afghan over that chair, she was under it, on top of it, and generally sniffing it! I hope the recipients don't mind a little bunny hair. I suppose I could always say it's some stray angora....

With that behemouth of a project now behind me, I spent last night and this morning choosing my next project. There are a couple of strong contenders, but in this round of "What Do I Knit?," I decided to swatch first and pick a pattern second. The winning yarn is Sirdar Breeze, which is a dk weight cotton/acrylic blend. Since finishing Green Gable, I've been a little obsessed with making more fun summer tops. Which is good, since I also have a decent stash of cotton and cotton/blend yarns! I'm pretty sure I'm going to find a pattern tonight.

It was such a strange sensation when I finished off the afghan and found myself without a project. Usually I have something to finish, or a project I can't wait to start, but last night I went through all of my pattern binders and a bunch of my magazines and came up empty. That's the truth in why I swatched first. I just wanted to knit something, but didn't know what! (Even though I feel I SHOULD be trying to get ahead and make a Christmas stocking for my nephew or mittens and hats. Try getting excited about wool while you're sweating sitting still!)


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tammy said...

It turned out so beautiful. Congratualations! And I think it's very important that it is Mrs. Cooper approved. That can only be a good sign for the recipients.

Becky said...

Beau-ti-FUL! A definite heirloom.

amy said...


jennfurr said...

::waving:: hi from jennfurr on lj! ok, I have to admit to only reading your blogger blog once every couple months or so... so I just now saw your wedding afghan. Gorgeous!! I didn't see you mention - what book did those squares come from? And congrats on learning how to crochet! It's not so bad, it just eats up yarn so much more quickly than knitting.