Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Welcome to the Jungle!

I've finished the first Tiger sock!


I made just a couple of changes. Firstly, I substituted the dreaded kfb for m1 left and m1 right. This changed the pattern somewhat, as now the decrease section has one raised stitch the length of the sock, and the increase has two raised stitches, but I prefer that to the bars. I did a short row heel instead of flap (oh, how I loathe picking up stitches!), and I also did my first short row toe! I closed the toe with a zig-zag cast off, which was really fun to do, but leaves an obvious ridge. I'll do the second of the pair the same way, and then I'm going to kitchener. The last thing I did was to make the bottom of the sock in plain stockinette. I didn't like the idea of those decreased stitches rubbing my sweet little feet. I graciously took a picture of the bottom so you could see the difference the stitch pattern makes to the striping pattern of the yarn.


Now I like this yarn well enough, but I really think the wild zig zags add a little something, don't you? I don't think I would be so enamored of this sock if it were plain stripes. Plus, the tight stitch pattern makes the most comfortable sock ever to grace my foot. It hugs every curve, without being restrictive. LOVE this pattern!

I got the heel and toe pattern from an online, subscriber-only Interweave Knits pattern, "Priscilla's Dream Socks." They are my new favorite short-row heels (and toes). Instead of the annoying and, at times, confounding "wrap," that pattern has you do a yarnover. MUCH easier, both to execute and to pick up.

After finishing the first sock and admiring it for awhile, I decided not to cast on for the second sock straight away (playing with fire, I know), and I casted on for a Rebecca tank. It's just a few rows right now, though. I'll take some pictures when there's something more than a ruffle!


marydotmusic said...

Oooh! I love the Tiger yarn! You messaged me back on flickr (organized sound on flickr) about Green Gables. I really love that sweater and am contemplating getting it now!!!

Becky said...

Rawr! [Shows claws.] That is some serious tiger striping. I love those socks! I bet the Captain would love some socks like that. This just might push me over the sock knitters cliff...