Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I Love FOs!

This is the Coif I was talking about the other day. True to my word, the next time I worked on it, I finished it. This project is super fast, which is no surprise. It calls for US9 needles and bulky weight yarn! I used a double strand of Malabrigo and the suggested needles. Amazingly, I still have left over Malabrigo! It's like the yarn that never ends!

The only modifications I did were to add a little length to the ties and add pom poms. Love the pom poms. These were the best I have ever made. The secret? When you think you've used enough yarn, use more. When you think you might have used too much yarn? Use some more. Beautiful, fluffy pom poms will be your reward.

IMG_2990.JPG IMG_2992.JPG

Not only is this headgear cute as heck, but it's also very warm. You just gotta love functional fashion. Speaking of function, I love that I can wear this with my hair pulled back into pigtails or a ponytail. Nine times out of ten, by the end of the day, my hair is pulled back and I can't wear a hat over it. I mean, I could, but I loathe those big lumps under hats. Seeing as I don't walk any great distance in the winter, I suffer with cold ears while my car warms. No more!

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Amy L. said...

That is so awesome I may die.

Yellow! Fluffy pompoms! Aaaaaah!