Thursday, January 18, 2007

Just Call Me Ms. Fixit!

IMG_2825.JPG I feel quite virtuous having repaired something rather than throwing it in the trash. Perhaps this will become a trend! I know that I'm already planning to make a vest to help salvage a shirt that the rats chewed a hole through in the button placket. Maybe I could become one of those people who actually seperates the recycling again. Someone who fixes hems and makes over old clothes! For now, though, I'm happy with the sock.

IMG_2821.JPG Please note the plain toe. I know I said a tiger toe would be funky, and it would be, but when I remembered that I have a good amount of leftover Gloss, I decided to stick with the plain theme. I used as much of the old yarn as I could, but I admit to getting tired of cutting out thin spots, and tossing about a half inch worth in favor of the Gloss. I'm a little concerned about the integrity of the recycled yarn, and have already decided that if these bust a hole again, I'm going to replace all of the affected area with brand new sock yarn, rather than going on another salvage mission. Not repairing them again is not an option. You should have seen how happy my boyfriend was to have them again. Almost made me feel bad for letting them languish. Almost. He has gotten two new pairs of socks since the hole.

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Amy L. said...

It looks totally great! Good for you!