Thursday, January 11, 2007

Just in time!

365_86 Well, not just in time. If I had finished the mittens two nights ago, that would have been perfect timing for the sub-zero temperatures that descended over my region this week. Great motivation though, and I finished mitten number two last night. I was oh so happy to have them, though they are covering my smile in this picture. To recap: I used Malabrigo in Pollen and US3 needles (bamboo, I'm a convert). I made two mittens and the top portion of the hat I'm wearing with them using less than one skein of yarn. I have an entire skein left, and am considering doing a little ear warmer thing for when I'm wearing a ponytail or have my hair up (most days).

IMG_2744.JPG So now that my mittens are done, I can move on to other projects. I was thinking today about what I should knit, and realized that I haven't done a big project in a long time. You know how, sometimes, you feel like reading some books you've read before, or some fluffy bestsellers, and after about two or three of those in a row you have a need to pick up something with substance again? That's how I'm feeling with my knitting. This photo is of my knitting basket. Most of the yarn on top is from recent purchases for specific projects. I used the flash so I could share the deep recesses with you. See that hint of blue? That's the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Astrakhan that's been marinating for over a year, taking up precious space in my basket. I made a goal, a pact with myself, that I will knit this basket empty. I don't have a time frame set, but I want to knit exclusively from the basket until it's empty (excluding a couple of single skeins purchased for swatching). The basket's contents include materials for the second Hedera, Anamoi mittens, Pirate Mittens, a pair of socks, and the Astrakhan cardigan from Vogue Knitting Fall 2005. I swatched for it tonight! Funny thing, US5 needles are still too big, and yet the pattern suggests US7 and 8 needles. I can't frog my swatch any more, the yarn is starting to lose its boucle properties.


tammy said...

Aren't the Anamoi mittens great? I really like her Endpaper fingerless gloves too. What's the green stripey yanr at the top of the pici? It's very pretty.

Amy L. said...

Nice mittens!

I vote for the Astrakhan as the next project. If the Vogue pattern has grown to elephant proportions in your thinking, DB has a nice looking cardigan out of Astrakhan in the "Out of Town" book.