Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hooray for Progress!

So I got pretty far on my Jaywalker and then found myself staring wistfully at the Cinched Waist Top. After seeing the top on my dress form, I got excited about seeing this piece together, and had to pick up those stitches already! It's a nice break from the teeny needles I'm using for the sock (US10.5 for the ruffles!), and the cashmere is so incredibly soft, it's a joy to knit. I'm trying to give both projects equal needle time, but must confess that I've been working much more on the CWT, spurred on by the promise of the finish line. I'm almost to the point where the pattern has me stop the ruffle, but I'm going to add an extra inch or so. Of course, once I'm done there's an ungodly number of ends to weave in, and some fiddley finishing, so I predict more sock time and a start on a baby sweater before you see the CWT finished.


I definitely think I'll have some leftover yarn. Which is definitely okay! I have a few balls of this same yarn in black, and I could do with a luxurious scarf.

I'm pretty excited about wearing these puppies! The yarn feels awesome on my feet, and warm. Given the crummy weather we're having, I'll be wearing these socks until June. I did end up using US2 needles for the leg and US1 for the foot, and it made a huge difference! I have no problem at all with getting the leg over my heel, but the foot is nice and snug, just how I like it!


Despite the fact that it's snowing outside right now, my mind keeps wandering to spring knits. I have Rusted Root queued up, and have been checking out my cotton stash for possibilities. I hit the big WEBS online sale and ordered some Jo Sharp Silkroad DK to make the puffed sleeve cardigan out of Fitted Knits, and some Cascade 220 Superwash for a vest. The office I work in is always cold from late spring to early fall (until it turns into a furnace in the afternoon), so I will be needing a little something to put on to ward off the chill. Right now I have an ancient black cardigan and Cafe Bastille Cables hanging out there, but even though my office is cold, I don't think it warrants Lamb's Pride Bulky. [As an aside, finding that journal entry also dated when I made the Kool-Aid dyed yarn that I just now knit. It was three years ago. How times flies!] What projects are you daydreaming about?

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Amy said...

That CWT looks positively scrumptious! And I love how the Jaywalkers are turning out.

My mind is just abuzz with possible projects right now. Salina, the Slimline Jacket, the Jo Sharp shawl-collar cardigan, the basalt tank... we'll see which winds up on the needles!