Sunday, April 15, 2007

So nice, I made 'em twice!

I woke up this morning, and upon realizing it was the 15th, and we are entering week three of April, I said to myself, "Self, it's time to get those Jaywalkers done already." And I did.


I hunkered down with some TV on DVD (Freaks and Geeks and BTVS, season 7), and got through the second sock in short order. All I had left was about another two inches and then the toe. Due to my supreme luck (I don't pretend it was skill, though I did try), the stripes on both socks match perfectly, and I didn't have to do any measuring at all. I just knit to the same number of stripes. Easy-peasy.


See what I mean? Every time I look at my feet, I pat myself on the back for these. I will have to keep them forever, because it will probably never happen again. To recap, these are the famous Jaywalkers by Grumperina. I have made these before using another striping yarn, but on these, I used a US2 for the leg and a US1 for the foot, which resulted in a supremely comfortable sock. I used AustermannStep in color #3. I love this yarn, though the aloe content makes it feel a little strange in the ball. Mrs. Cooper approves of this color.


I'm sure I'll be making more Jaywalkers. I can't imagine knitting self-striping yarn in stockinette ever again! I highly recommend this pattern.

Next up is the adorable February baby sweater from EZ's Knitter's Almanac. While I continue to work on the CWT, of course. I'm almost done with the ruffle (I'm finished according to the pattern, but I'm adding length), and then I just have to get it all sewn together!


Tipper said...

I really like that yarn; I keep seeing it knit up and it looks so very interesting that I might have to buy a ball.

Kristen said...

Holy mirror images, Batman! What an amazing job on the matching!

Coop is cute as ever, too.

Pioggia said...

I'm with you with counting stripes instead of rows. That's why I love self striping yarns.

Amy said...

They're beauts!

nikki c said...

girl, those are the coolest socks i've ever seen!! :) bravo to you!