Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sweet Baby Knits

I finished sleeve number two on the Two Needle Baby Sweater (a.k.a: February Baby Sweater) by Elizabeth Zimmermann. I had the tiniest of hiccups when I started the body, but trusted the directions, and things are going swimmingly.


Oh, what am I thinking? That photo won't do! You can't see the aching cuteness of the sleeves!


There, that's better. I had a slight reservation about doing this sweater in cotton, but the pattern is showing up well, and this sweater should be perfect for spring and summer. I like this yarn (Sirdar Breeze), which is a cotton/acrylic blend. The blend is about the same as Cotton-Ease, but the Breeze is more tightly twisted. As with any cotton, it's a little hard on my hands, but not as bad as, say, Sugar 'n' Cream or its brethren.

As for the pattern, per usual, EZ uses clever construction in her quest against seams. This pattern is fun! The lace pattern is so easy to memorize, and the quick changes from yoke to sleeves to body keep things interesting. One thing I wish I had done, which EZ directs you to do in the Baby Surprise Jacket, is make buttonholes on both sides of the front. She says to do this with the BSJ so you can put buttons on the correct side when you learn the sex of the baby, but it has the added bonus of making it incredibly easy to match the buttons to the buttonholes. Speaking of buttons, I want to find something beyond cute for this sweater, possibly incorporating bunnies or flowers. Come to think of it, I did once see some very cute white buttons with characters from Peter Rabbit painted on them. I wonder where I saw them.


I anticipate finishing this project soon, which means that I won't be completing my goal of four quick projects in April, but also means that I'll be able to start Rusted Root!


Amy said...

You're so awesome! I love that pattern. Gotta get me that book!

casey said...

Oh! Those *sleeves*! What a beautiful little sweater!

tammy said...

So cute. I love EZ's stuff.