Sunday, June 04, 2006

Sick of Squares Yet?

I’ve got 1.5 squares to go! I’m not sure who will be happier when this blanket is finished; will it be me, or the readers of this blog who have been subjected to ecru squares for the past however many weeks? Here are two more squares, my next entry should show the last two. I really, really hope to have the whole thing at least stitched together by next weekend. I’m not holding out much hope for having the border knit on by then. Ah, well. That means I can take my time with it (somewhat), and maybe even throw a new project into the mix!


The big question will be, what will I cast on next. All I know for sure is that it won’t be anything square! I was pretty sure my next project would be Jaywalkers, but on Friday I went ahead and purchased Green Gables. After seeing Carrieoke’s version, I couldn’t resist buying the pattern straight away. I know I have many options in my stash that would work for this top, and I love that it’s fun, but also work appropriate. I also love that it’s worked in the round, which will be a welcome change. I’ve used straight needles for the first time in a long time on the afghan, and it’s made me remember why I don’t like using them anymore. They hit against everything! I have to sit in the center of the couch, or at an angle so as not to interrupt my knitting with constant knocks and catches.

My copy of Knitting on the Edge is due to arrrive this week. I’m anxious to check out the lace options.


Becky said...

Green Gables is a beaut. I hope you knit it!

amy said...

I second the vote for Green Gables. It would look fabulous on you!

I'm not sick of the squares yet, although I applaud you because I can't imagine working with ecru yarn faithfully for so long. :) I bet you could finish the border by next weekend, though. That plane flight is a long one!