Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hi, there!

So... long time, no update! Stuff's been going on, you know how it is. I've been doing some knitting, some stashing... so at least I have pictures to show you!

First of all, I didn't update over the weekend because I was in Vermont, visiting my best friend and her husband. Michelle isn't a knitter, but she understands the importance of acquiring accoutrement, and so she always makes a point to carve out some time for a visit to Kaleidoscope Yarns. Love this store! They had a few things I'd never seen in person before, including Tilli Tomas silks, Colinette Jitterbug (puuuurty colors), and Malabrigo laceweight (which I almost purchased, but their stock was very low and I couldn't get enough of the colors I liked). I ended up with some Berroco Pure Merino for a Christmas gift, and some stupendous sock yarn, Soxx Appeal by K1C2.


I also picked up a stole pattern. I was so taken by the shop sample of this stole, I wanted to cast on immediately. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything non-alpaca in the color they used for the sample (a pale green), so it'll have to wait until I find just the right thing. I bet Ellen will have a good idea.

Speaking of pale green, look what I finished!


To recap: I used Wendy's Generic Toe-Up Sock Pattern, with a stitch called Grating Stitch from Mon Tricot's Knitting Dictionary, modified to be worked in the round. The yarn is SWTC TOFUtsies in lime green. I don't think I used even half a ball of yarn on these. The fabric was very floppy, and I was afraid that full length socks would droop. I shouldn't have worried, though. After a wash, the fabric firmed up nicely, and became very soft. It wasn't one of my favorite sock yarns, it was a little splitty and felt coarse while knitting, but I do love the finished product enough that if I found more of this in another color I liked, I would use it again. I used my trusty US1 needles, by the way.

I casted on for a simple seed stitch scarf using the Pure Merino I picked up in Vermont, but no photos yet (I'm sure you're on pins and needles). Cobblestone continues. It's time to start the sleeves, but I wanted to push through and finish the socks. I'm planning to swatch for the cabled sweater dress next, and also gear up for some Sidewinders!

Speaking of gearing up, it's almost time for the annual Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk! As usual, I'm walking! This year, I'm taking a cue from Claudia and offering prizes for donations! Watch this spot for more information!


toya said...

I love the stole pattern I haven’t knit any shawls as yet I will have to keep this one in mind so thanks for posting it. Your socks looks great I love the color too, I haven’t tried socks either so I will have to print that one out, it looks like a good place to start… in the future and walking for charity is a noble thing to do, totally awesome

Adrienne said...

Lovely stole and yarns!! Love your socks!

Amy said...

Love the socks, and that stole pattern!

Charles said...

Awesome SOCKS!
WOW a stole pattern! great choose and the yarns!

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