Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hot! Hot! Hot!

So, remember a couple of weeks ago when I was all, "It's so nice and cool outside! I think I'll start a sweater!"? I swear to all that is holy it was 187 degrees F here today, no one can convince me otherwise. My current knitting projects make me look like a head case.

Exhibit A:


Cobblestone. A worsted weight, men's sweater, using 100% wool. Let me tell you, there is nothing like having this on your lap on a hot fall day! I thought I was at the armholes, but I measured the sweater against a favorite shirt, and discovered that I need a couple more inches. I should be just about at the armholes for real now. I know that I could set this project aside for cooler days, but I do enjoy working on it, and I don't like to accumulate wips.

Exhibit B:


I know you all have been anxious to see the scarf! Ha! I have a feeling I'm a little short on yarn... I'm going to finish up this ball and see how much I have. The scarf is for someone over six feet tall, so the scarf should be at least six feet long, right? This yarn, as I've said before, is heavenly. But it's also wool! Luckily, a scarf doesn't lay on my lap the same way a sweater does. But honestly, if not for that cool, wonderful weather, I would not have casted on for a scarf now!

I'm searching for a yarn for the stole pattern I showed in my last entry. I'm surprised that with all of the positive comments I got about it, it hasn't had more of a presence in blogland!


Pioggia said...

I'm sorry the weather is not cooperating. Your socks look great, are they cool enough for this weather, or is the wool in them enough to make them winter socks? I wonder why you don't want to use alpaca for your stole.

Anna said...

Yesterday I was seriously doubting my decision to knit a tweedy wrap cardigan too. The rows are now gigantic. It seems though that the weather is coming to its senses, such a lovely rain today. The Cobblestone is looking great, definitelly worth some sacrifice.

Marlena said...

Pioggia: I can't wear alpaca, and can hardly knit with it. To me, it feels like fiberglass and makes me sneeze! :)

Anna: Your sweater is so beautiful though! Just like Cobblestone, it deserves the sacrifice. On the other hand, the weather predictions this week have me overjoyed!

Amy said...

Oh my *god* is that seed stitch?!