Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sale Preview!

As promised, I'm posting the stash I'm offering for sale at Purl Diva on Saturday, September 29 (this Saturday!) from 11-4. I will also offer any leftover yarns here after the sale is over, to make sure everyone gets a chance at some cheap yarn!

Want some yarn? This is how it works. Contact me via email (sassy_spice1975 at yahoo dot com) and let me know which yarn you're interested in buying. I'll let you know if the yarn is still available (I will try to update the blog as quickly as possible when something is spoken for), and you can either donate directly on my Memory Walk page, or send me your donation via PayPal. The minimum donation amounts are listed with each yarn (50% suggested retail according to Yarndex), but OF COURSE you are welcome to donate a little extra. :) I'll foot the bill for shipping, but please note that if you're in the area, I will also happily transport your yarn to Purl Diva for you to pick up on Saturday. (And can we please talk for a second about how excited I am to spend an entire day at Purl Diva???)
And away we go....

Brown Sheep Cotton Fine, Barn Red, $2.50/ball, 2 balls available

Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille, dark purple, $3.75/ball, 1 ball available SPOKEN FOR

Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille, light purple, $3.75/ball, 1 ball available SPOKEN FOR

Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, Barn Red, $3.75/ball, 3 balls available SPOKEN FOR

Artful Yarns Jazz, Billie, $4.50/hank, 3 hanks available (This is actually an incredible deal! I bought this yarn at 50% off, and am pricing it at 50% off THAT!) SPOKEN FOR

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport, Child's Play, $5.00/hank, 2 hanks available SPOKEN FOR

Classic Elite Waterspun, fuschia (#5027), $3.25/hank, 3 hanks available

Sandnes Alfa, gray tweed (#3885), $2.50/ball, 3 balls available

Debbie Bliss Cotton DK, orange, $3.50/ball, 10 balls available SPOKEN FOR

Noro Kureyon, #95, $4.25/ball, 4 balls available SPOKEN FOR

Artful Yarns Jazz, Thelonius, $4.50/hank, 4 hanks available SPOKEN FOR

Artful Yarns Serenade, My Funny Valentine (pink and green), $4.00/hank, 5 hanks available SPOKEN FOR

Crystal Palace Deco Ribbon, white with black pinstripes, $2.90/ball, 4 balls available

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, Aslan, $5.00/hank, 2 hanks available SPOKEN FOR

Hopefully there'll be something here that appeals to you! If you're in the Brunswick Maine area, or plan to be on Saturday, make sure to drop by Purl Diva between 11am and 4pm, I'll be happily knitting away on the porch!
Edit: BREAKING NEWS! Purl Diva is having a SALE that day, too! What a great excuse to replenish some of my stash!

EDIT2: The sale is over! I haven't tabulated the final donations yet, but we raised almost $800 at Purl Diva alone today! THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who helped, whether it by monetary donations or words of support, and a special thank you to Ellen, who made this whole thing possible!

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Deneen said...

I left a comment on the Ravelry thread, but am interested in the Shepherd Sport, as well as the three hanks of the artful yarns Billie.