Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sweaters & New Friends

Okay, let's start with the exciting news! We added a new friend to our home this weekend. His name is Moose:


Before you go thinking I'm becoming a crazy rat lady, Moose really is IT. Five rats is more than enough for us, but my boyfriend absolutely fell in love with Moose when he saw him on the Maine Rat Rescue website. Also, my finding Moose was too serendipitous to ignore. I received a message through Ravelry from someone who is affiliated with MRR. She complimented me on my icon photo, which is Betsy, and we got to talking about rats and one thing led to another and BAM... we have a huge male rat. We love him so much already.

Onto knitting news! I will spare you a photo of black seed stitch (you'll know I'm desperate for material if I flash that one again before it's finished), but I'm pleased to say that sleeve #1 of Cobblestone is complete and attached, and sleeve #2 is underway.


Not that my enthusiasm for this project was flagging necessarily, but my energy is renewed. I keep meaning to swatch for a couple of projects, but every time I get a spare hour to knit, I find myself reaching for Cobblestone. It's a fun pattern... very simple, but still fun. And hey, I feel like I'm cruising on a man's sweater, that's saying something! They usually start to feel like they're really dragging by sleeve two.

Reminder: The Memory Walk is in only three weeks! I will be on the Purl Diva porch September 29th, selling stash (she's received a couple of donations of stash already). If you are able to help me support the Alzheimer's Association, I would really appreciate it. If not, I also really appreciate all of the kind words and encouragement!

And one more thing! Anyone reading this going to Rhinebeck? Amy and I are going for the first time this year! I am pretty much beside myself with excitement. We'll be staying in Poughkeepsie and attending the festival both days. Have you been before? Any tips on how to maximize the experience?


latoya said...
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latoya said...
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Adrienne said...

Moose is too cute!! Your cobblestone is looking great! I just finished swatching for this tonight!

Bettina said...

Hi there,

which yarn are you using for Cobblestone? I have been trying to find the Classic Elite Skye Tweed, without success, since it has been discontinued.

However, I love the look of yours. And my boyfriend likes the sweater too, which is rare!

Moose, by the way, is too cute for words.

Kind regards,


Marlena said...

Thanks, Adrienne! I can't wait to see yours!

Bettina: I'm using Cascade 220, which is my go-to worsted weight wool. WEBS has Skye Tweed on sale, but they only have three colors left:
I highly recommend 220. It's soft enough, and very economical. I estimate I will use 5 balls for the smallest size. I might go into 6.

Amy said...

Cobblestone is going to be just great on BF, it really is. And welcome, Moose! (You may be a crazy rat lady, but you're *our* crazy rat lady. :)

Anna said...

Moose is so cute. Crazy rat lady? Who am I to talk. I only own two cats and not five becuase the two are old, fat and grumpy and scare off any cute young kitten that my husband cannot leave outside and brings home to feed. Luckilly the two are afraid of Greebo, the Mackaw bird that lives in its own room, so there is some order in our place.
I hope you and Amy are going to take lots of pictures at Rhinebeck! I am positivelly jealous.

Ellen said...

Moose is adorable, and I love his name!

Pioggia said...

Yes, he looks like a very nice guy.I hope he gets along with the rest of the crowd. Your home is becoming rodents' paradise!

Lara said...

Moose is adorable! I had pet rats as a kid, and I love them - except for their tragically short life spans. I am glad Moose has a great home to spend his days :)