Saturday, June 16, 2007

Checking In

It's been a busy week in my little world, hence the lack of mid-week post, and this pathetic excuse for a post right here. Want knitting content? You might want to look elsewhere. Roza's Socks #1 is marching ever so slowly to toe #1, and poor Rusted Root is still on that waste yarn (though I finally removed it from the dummy yesterday). Today I get to attend the 6th birthday party of an extremely adorable girl I am happy to call my niece. My sister and I have decided to bring something from the Bratz line of dolls, which I have been assured are popular, though I find them very creepy.

Since a post isn't a post without pictures, I thought I'd just share a few recent shots that are in no way yarn related. Except that they may be inspirational for color or texture. I know I was thinking of knitting the whole time I taking them!


I love that in nature, colors one might never think of combining come together so beautifully. I actually have yarn in both the shade of the seaweed and the starfish.


Around here, one is just as likely to find these guys at McDonald's or the dump as the beach, and they are largely scorned (their thieving ways make them a nuisance). I love seagulls though! I wish I could sink my hand right inside that soft gray shade, it looks so comforting.


Generally, I'd shy away from putting red and green together, but look at how wonderful that green algae looks against that red brick! Maybe with a pale gray incorporated, it could work. I'm not sure I would put it into a garment, but maybe a blanket of squares.

Hopefully there'll be some serious knitting around here soon!


wendy said...

I also love seagulls-- even when they're stealing my french fries at Fat Boys-- love the colors in that first picture too!

Fort Popham wasn't open when I was home in May. No matter how many millions of times I've been in there over the years, it is still fascinating.

Kristen said...

Gorgeous photos! I like seagulls, too. A couple weeks ago, Darren and I had a chinese food picnic by the river, and the gulls were stalking us even though we were eating bird. So I had a little forkful of chicken and rice, and this one gull behind me looked so cute. Darren said, "Don't do it," but I flung it out to him anyway, and suddenly there were 20 gulls screaming at me for more.


Amy said...

Hey, where you at Popham? I *have* to make it there, while I'm back.

Octopus Knits said...

Love your photos! I think you could make a beautiful blanket out of the colors in the last photo -- great idea!

nikki c said...

i miss popham-- haven't been there in a while. and the seagulls back east are much prettier than the seagulls out here... :)

Kelli said...

Those Bratz dolls? I find them seriously creepy as well.