Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fun Times!

I went to my first ever knit group last night! Amy is visiting right now, which is always nice anyway, because she's my only real life friend who knits (she's also my oldest friend, I can't remember a time in my life when I didn't know her). I've never been to a knitting circle/group/stitch and bitch before because of ridiculous shyness. Seriously, I love meeting other knitters and the idea of hanging out with knitters always appeals to me, but I always wonder what I'll say and if I'll embarrass myself and yadda yadda. Turns out, I shouldn't have worried! Everyone was very nice, and I don't think I embarrassed myself. The group met at my favorite LYS, Purl Diva, and Ellen did an excellent job of keeping conversation flowing. She runs a book group, as well, which sounds interesting.

Another bonus to an evening of uninterrupted group knitting? A have half of the foot done on Roza's Socks #2!


I'm pretty excited to finish these and start the fair isle socks from Sensational Knitted Socks!

I'm hoping someone reading can give me a tip for short row heels. I'm pretty happy with the way my heels have evolved, but I'm nowhere near satisfied. I love the way the side where I'm picking up wraps on the purlside looks:


The problem is with the side where I'm picking up wraps on the knitside. It's very loose, and I can't seem to tighten it up, no matter how hard I pull after wrapping.


I'm using the heel from Wendy's Generic Toe-Up Sock Pattern. They're my favorite, and they'd be perfect if I could just get that one side to match the other!

In other news, I decided the other day that I don't have nearly enough pictures of Baxter, and set out to fix it. By the end of the day, I got the next shot, which reminds me so much of those shots seen on the cover of tabloids, some annoyed celebrity caught going about their business, flashing the camera a dirty look!



ellen said...

You're shy? Really? I never knew! I'm glad you and Amy came to CommuKnitty night last night. I have a good pic to send to you...

Pioggia said...

I wish I could offer some advice, but my weird way of knitting would probably confuse you. One thing I've noticed is that pulling on the wraps tightens the adjacent stitches. Try to loosen those stitches a little with a crochet hook and see if that pulls in the wraps.

Donna said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets that look from their bunny!

efia said...

This is the best tutorial for short row heels. Well at least it works for me :)

Marlena said...

Thanks, Efia! It's funny you should send that link, because I just saw it a few days ago on another blog, and resolved to try it, but I didn't bookmark it!

Thanks again!