Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Giving In

I know that in my very last post, I said I wouldn't be putting Rusted Root on waste yarn because I hate dealing with waste yarn and I wasn't worried about fit, but I guess I kinda lied. Or, rather, I didn't know I would change my mind. And I actually didn't even change my mind, exactly, the blog did. I was getting ready to take photos of my wip, and was dismayed that even though the sleeves have been put on holders, this adorable sweater would not be shown at its most advantageous, and would continue to look like a freaking black blob, not my next favorite summer sweater.
Anyway, that's a long, drawn-out way of saying I have something to show you.


Please excuse the bat wings. I'm using those huge safety pin-like holders. I was surprised by how short Rusted Root is, I feel like I've been working on it for a really long time and should be farther along by now. I'm in the decrease section for the waist shaping right now. I know I'm not alone in my love for decrease rows.

My slow progress on Rusted Root could be somewhat attributed to my current sock project, Roza's Socks.


I was worried I'd be bored by these socks, but my worry was unfounded. I love these socks! I love working the brioche stitch, and I love how it looks. So simple, but still fancy.

I've noticed some chatter around blogland by people who are concerned about the apparent smallness of the sock in progress. As you can see in the photo, the sock looks wee. The cuff is 3x3 rib, which draws in considerably, and of course the leg is ribbed, as well. Part of what, I think, makes this sock exceptional, is the amount of stretch afforded by the pattern.


It could even be stretched more, if my hands were larger. I think this makes these socks great contenders for gift socks. I think they may even be plain enough for men's socks. I have some Cherry Tree Hill set aside for socks for my boyfriend, I'll have to see what he thinks of the finished socks.


Ellen said...

Wow - rusted root is really beautiful! I love the lace detail!

knitintensity said...

I've been thinking about the Roza's socks myself...I'll have to watch how yours come out!

I saw your comment about wanting to read Crime and Punishment and just wanted to tell you that it's one of my favorite books. Go for it! If you are unfamiliar with Russian names, you might want to make a list to keep track of the characters. Such a great story.

Anonymous said...

i'm so jealous of your RR progress!! i need to find a way to will my thumb back into one piece sooner. thanks for the well-wishes :)

Anonymous said...

great photos of Roza's socks. often blogger's pix are the deciding factor when i choose what pattern to make . in this case, your pix seal the deal.

marie in florida
from Ravelry