Sunday, June 10, 2007

Slow Poke

So, Rusted Root is at exactly the same place it was at in my last post, because now that it's on waste yarn, I don't want to deal with putting it back on a needle. It's been pretty hot out here, which drains me of all motivation. I have, however, been working on Roza's Socks.


I completed the heel this morning, and have since gotten a couple of inches of foot finished.

In future project news, I think I have solved the issue of the pooling Socks That Rock!


This is Socks That Rock In The Navy, one of their shaded solids. From the swatch shown online, I was expecting something more, well, solid. This yarn is actually quite variegated, though all of the blues are the same shade. I was a little disappointed (if Socks That Rock made a true solid yarn, I'd be so in on it), but I still think it will suit my purposes. I'm planning to do some fair isle socks with it and the Marbles colorway. I'm excited to see how the colors work together, but am resolved to finish either Roza's Socks or Rusted Root first.

Now, if you'll please excuse me. I just ate a ginormous cheeseburger, fries and a huge chocolate shake. I'm off to enjoy a little coma now.


Kristen said...

Your socks are looking mahvelous!

I wish those socks had been in the Summer issue, because I didn't want to buy the spring issue for just one sock pattern.

Garter stitch rib? I can unvent that myself. :)

Amy said...

"Shaded solids" seems like a pretty big misnomer to me, but everything is looking beautiful!

melissa said...

i just finished a pair of socks with "in the navy". luckily it didn't pool, just the occassional lighter blue thin stripes here and there.
that being said, i still wish str would make some solid colors or at least broaden the selection of shaded solids.

Marlena said...

I am so with you! I really, really want to get into STR in a big way, but I'm also having a hard enough time using up the variegated sock yarn I already have. Thanks for the heads up on the striping! Maybe that'll make the fair isle even more interesting. I hope!