Sunday, June 19, 2011

Day 3: Films

So, for as hard as it was to pick two songs, it was almost harder to pick just three movies. I am a movie fiend. I'll watch pretty much anything, especially in the theater, and the list of movies I love grows by which one I've most recently rediscovered. There are a few though that endure, and always come to mind immediately when people ask what my favorite movies are.

Pretty in Pink is probably my number 1, all time favorite movie. The Breakfast Club comes close, and I admit I'm a slave to John Hughes in general, but Pretty in Pink just so perfectly encapsulates the teenage '80's movie. There's the hopelessly cool girl from the wrong side of the tracks you desperately want to be, the quirky nerdy guy you love because he's so funny and attainable, and the breathtakingly hot guy who is completely out of your reach. In my case, the hopelessly hot guy is actually Stef, not Blaine, 'cause James Spader? RAWR!

For as much as I love (x1million) movies from the '80's, my love for zombie movies runs as deep. I am a zombie purist, and worship at the altar of George Romero. The first zombie movie I ever saw was his Dawn of the Dead over Christmas break my Junior year in high school. At first, I just loved the gore and suspense, but then I started to really consider the zombie in relation to society and... I'll spare you. I can go on for days about zombies.

Since I'm basically doing my favorites of a genre, how about ending with my favorite for an actress? Like many others, I love Audrey Hepburn. Of course I love all of the usual suspects, but the one I've chosen here, Wait Until Dark is the one I think is her best. It's harrowing and suspenseful, sure to give you chills!

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