Sunday, June 26, 2011

Day 9: Loves

Whew! After the last couple of posts, I needed something feel good to post about! Talking about things I love is easy, and uncomplicated. I don't question whether I actually love or like or somethingelse things. I just love them! Since we already discussed food, I'll go ahead and leave those off the list. Though truth be told, I love ice cream so much, it could probably go on this list too! Okay, so... stuff I love!

1. My family.


This picture is old (Thanksgiving 2006), but you get the idea. I went on about my family on day 1, so I won't do it again.

2. My friends!


I miss my friends.

3. Animals


I love animals. Even insects. It's part of the reason I'm a vegetarian, all of the reason I hate zoos, and my reason for smiling about a hundred times a day (a mouse ran across my path today and I squealed out loud).

4. Buffy. Seriously. I've seen this series front to back at least ten times since I discovered it. The dialogue is great, there's a great mix of the supernatural and the ordinary (especially in later seasons), and some of the most creative television ever (a musical episode? an episode where for half of it no one speaks aloud?). If you haven't seen it, give it a chance! But be aware that season one, while still having great moments, is pretty cheesy. Stick with it!

5. Books. I've been a reader for as long as I can remember. My first love is the short story, but I'm not averse to novels, any genre will do. I've read horror (a LOT of horror, actually), YA, romance, even a little mystery. The thing is, my love of reading combined with my near-crippling shyness makes it so that if there's a book or magazine within reach while I'm in an uncomfortable social situation, I'm reading it! Right now I'm reading The Girl With Brown Fur by Stacey Levine. I love this collection, but also understand it's not for everyone. If you prefer your books/stories to be plot driven, you'll hate this. Each story is like a dream. Things don't make sense, they meander, there's little if any resolution. But the writing is lovely, and the stories make you think.

6. Old Folks.


I worked at an old folks' home for eight years. Before that, my favorite day at the bookstore was Tuesday, Senior Day (I was in the distinct minority). There is so much to love about older people. It's not just the wisdom they impart, or that they always think you're younger than you are (and say things like, "Oh, dear, life doesn't get started until you're thirty!"). It's that they have so much love and care to share, and don't always have the chance to do it. Some of my best friends of the last ten years or so have been 75+. I encourage you to volunteer at your local old folks' home if you have a chance. If you're a little shy, go for the dementia unit. If you act like you already know them, you're in! Whenever I've found myself on a dementia unit, I've found myself instantly surrounded by friends.

7. Shoes! I won't even say how many pairs I have (I don't even know for sure), but I am a totally typical girl on this one.

8. Travel.


I first went on a plane in June of 2006 for my best friend's wedding. She got married in Vegas, and I considered driving, but couldn't take that much time off. Aside from a few involuntary tears at takeoff, I loved flying! I haven't looked back since. My hope is to travel the world, including a trip back to India.

And of course...



I may not churn out FO's like I used to (which still doesn't reach the level of some of my bloggy pals), but not a day goes by that I don't troll through Ravelry or knitting blogs or think in some way about knitting. It's with me for life!

Tomorrow (?), the last day of this challenge! 10 secrets. Better start thinking now.

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