Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 8: Fears

Well, rats! I missed a day! I'm still proud of myself for posting every day for a week though!

Today's topics is fear. What I like about this challenge is that I find myself really thinking about each one. On this one, I realized that I don't have many fears. I have a lot of worries, but they're all things I can sort through logically and talk myself out of. To me, a fear is something ingrained within you that no amount of bargaining with yourself will alleviate. As I thought to myself what my real fears are then, I thought maybe I was confusing fear with phobia? Because I came up with three:
1. The dark
2. Small spaces
3. Needles (syringes, not tattoo or piercing needles, certainly not knitting or sewing needles!)

So these last 5 are actually just my most profound worries.
4. Failure
5. Alzheimer's Disease/senility
6. Losing touch
7. Losing time
8. Losing control

Two more days! And coming up, we're supposed to get some sunshine so I can take a picture of my WIP!

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