Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Day 5: Food

Okay, I could get all philosophical here and wax poetic about feeding my soul, my heart, my mind etc. But I love real, actual food. LOVE! Gained over twenty pounds my first semester of grad school type love (oops). I've been trying to reverse that addition since December without much luck, but it's SO HARD when Ben & Jerry go and make something like this and I'm powerless... powerless I tell you!

Anyway, what a great lead-in to the introduction of my favorite food! Ice cream!


My mouth is full of sweet teeth already, but there's one that is wholly devoted to ice cream and all of its kin. Frozen yogurt, sherbet, sorbet, gelato, soft serve, frozen custard.... If it's frozen and sweet, I'm on it. My love runs so deep, I worked at Dairy Queen for five years and never got even a little sick of it.

On a healthier note, my mornings all start with this:


I even usually have raisins in it! I rotate between a few basics add-ins. The usual base is a healthy spoon of cinnamon and a good shake of nutmeg as the water heats (and maybe some cardamom, if I'm using raisins or blueberries), pour finished oats over fruit, usually banana, dried apple (which I put in while I let the oatmeal rest for at least five minutes after it's done cooking, if you like clumpy oatmeal, definitely do this), raisins, or strawberries. Something I add in some walnuts, I always add flax. If I have any, I add a nice dollop (about a tablespoon) of natural peanut butter (no spices, just flax and pb) and mix it in. Sooooo good. Mix it all up and pour some almond milk over it et voila! Breakfast!

My obsession du jour is hummus. I've always loved hummus, but now I have it at least once a day. It just doesn't get better than hummus and broccoli. For real.


My favorite is Cedar's Garlic Lover's Hummus. I love it as a dip with any kind of vegetable, I love it in a wrap with spinach and carrots and tomatoes and my next favorite food, I love it slathered on a bagel or as a dip for pita. I especially love it right out of the container with a spoon. My habit is getting so serious, I'm really going to need to start making it myself again!

For the longest time I was sure I hated my next favorite food, and I'm not even sure why! I have a vague memory of thinking it would be slimy, I guess. But I have more than made up for the years I spent without it, the mighty avocado!


My most favorite way to have avocado is over scrambled eggs, but I also love it in wraps, in maki, in burritos, chili, on veggie burgers, as guacamole. And, of course, straight up. My trick with avocado is to leave the pit in the half you're not eating right away (everyone eats them half at a time, right?), or in your bowl of guac to keep it from turning brown. It works!

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't include the food I always gaze at longingly every time I go shopping but hardly ever buy because it doesn't come in quantities small enough for a single person to reasonably consume.


Oh, baby! I love cheese in general (keep meaning to branch out a little), but brie is far and away my favorite. Maybe because I hardly ever have it? I love the texture, I love the flavor, I even love the rind. I'll spread or slice it into or over most anything. I most recently had it for the first time baked in phyllo and let me tell you, thank god I was at a party and couldn't just stand there and eat the entire wheel. MMmmmm....

Well, good thing I already ate dinner (a wrap with hummus) and dessert (a little (*pint*) of Ben & Jerry's latest offering. Otherwise, I'd be pretty hungry right now!

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